Nurdcore is an on demand and leading technology company with different platform of expertise with staff of more than 10 years of computer repair and maintenance, networking and website development.

We are able to provide our customers with the service and attention expected from a small company, yet we have the expertise of a large corporation. Our customers know that we care about their needs and concerns for now and the future – not just a quick fix. Customer service and proven results build relationships; and that is the kind of business we are in.

Our success is maintained by the talent, skill, and experience of our consulting and management teams. We invest heavily in cross-training, which has given us one of the best technically skilled and well rounded teams in the industry.

Simply setting up a website on the Internet does not make your online business a success. We can guide you at every set up of setting up a successful online business: from choosing the right domain name, to making sure that your website is found by potential customers, to making sure your customers are happy with the service you provide to them. As there are no real geographic boundaries on the Internet, building customer loyalty can be difficult. We can show you how you can build customer loyalty through exceptional customer care? all made possible through the Internet and at costs you can afford.

On the Internet, first impressions count more than in most situations. A professionally designed website tailored to suit your goals is the most important asset your online business must have. Our experienced designers and developers can create the right online presence for you as we have for so many others over the years.

After its initial version is put on the Internet, a website should be updated so that the most recent information is available. Checks should be made to verify that all parts of the website, including the links, work properly. Other management tasks include monitoring traffic to the website (caused by people visiting the website) to ensure that the web host is supplying enough bandwidth so that the website has good access time when being viewed. NurdCore can offer you a complete service package that includes these important management tasks.

We service and repair all brand of computers. We also provide onsite repairs, diagnostics and maintenance, data recovery and data backup, networking services as well and we stock all variety of computer spares and accessories. Affordable rates and satisfactory services