We are a reliable local and international Shipping and Courier service.

We have services throughout Guyana for regular mail, packages and bulk cargo.

We also have services to and from the USA, Suriname, Trinidad and many other locations around the world for packages and bulk cargo.

You can send your barrels, boxes, crates and other less than a container full cargo with our services.

We also facilitate shipping services for any size containers.

We also provide Online Shopping Services at very reasonable rates.

Our office locations and contact information:

* Georgetown & Rosignol-Berbice, Guyana – +592-223-1788

* Paramaribo, Suriname – +597-886-0496

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NowmailPackagePostalServices

Twitter: @NowMailPackage

Tumblr:  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/nowmailpackage-postalservices

E-mail: nppsteam@aol.com





Special offer

Ship with us to the United States and other Caribbean locations and get it 1 to 3 days!!! Our Prices are unbeatable and services unmatched. NowMail Package-Postal Services for when you want you Shipping business to be handled NOW!